Premise of Creative Communication Technology!!

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noun – prɛmɪs/
a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.

Through the ages

Time is set as the precursor to explain the story of creative communication technology. Humans have evolved from the age of hunter gatherers to the present day urban employed socialite. Over this vast millenniums of evolution and development, there are things that have been constantly challenged and made to be the daily runners in human life.
Let us rewind the clock of humans by about 4000 years from present day 2017 A.D, the best way to communicate at those times would be writing the encounters of a person by the near identical shapes or figures on solid walls and stone tablet.
A probable warning to differentiate food from danger made available through the best artistic human at the time then. A human at those times typically would have to expand conversation, to bring ideas and fears in to something that would mean a lot more meaning to the next person. This was the premise to the creativity and story telling nature of us humans.
Then, the papyrus and paper gave the upper hand in the next phase of creativity. Story and folklore which were just told as thoughts and spoken words quickly changed in to Author’s pride and sometimes even in to epic stories.

“What comes next” ages

A quick run  through of the things that evolved one after the other

  • Stories that came with the travelers, carrying notes and letters from one side of the world to another
  • Scholars and artisans making the murals and painting of thoughts in to canvases of stories.
  • Language barriers broken by music and rhythms which gives the mood and thought of story.
  • Print media such as newspaper, journals and articles, flashing with the thoughts to masses.
  • The digital era of thoughts and ideas with smallest as a tweet to the feature length of moving pictures

So.. What comes next….!!!

All through these times,the best we can say as evolved humans is the ability to grasp thoughts and words efficiently and instantly. It has made us to look and grasp for ideas and unique things that we could notice in lines after lines of text to stream after stream of moving pictures.

Could it be so that 4000 years of our existence, have also given us the ability to peer through the time and make us understand and points of things to grasp. To be able to say that I was there to tell the story from my point of view. To be able to connect the way I see the world to someone next to me. The word here is Unique Experience!!

The unique experience of the story tellers and creators are the ones who are going to write the premise of the Creative Communication technology from now.

Could it be so.. that what we write or scribble on digital canvas will be scrutinized and seen in the immersive virtual space in newly evolved us in the next 4000 years. Are we not in the midway of the human timeline of imagination and creativity??!!  Somethings are better made for the people of the 4th millennium from now, which is the year 6017 A.D. to deep dive and immerse them in to our present day stories.


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