Automobile 1

Virtual learning center VR

Problem Statement:
The automotive manufacturer was planning to create an immersive workshop training module for their employees through their technical training academy. 

Madras MindWorks collaborated with them and created the Vehicle VR training module to help the workforce get acquainted with the technical know-how about vehicles and their application.

Virtual Showroom VR

In our journey with the European collaborator, we have done many experiences starting for product demonstration to process training. But the process training takes the spotlight due to its user-friendly interface and detailed design. The challenge was to create a process training module for automotive component manufacturer. The 13 step process was detailed with the following highlights:

  • Ghost highlight over the components to cue the user to perform the specific task.
  • Text pop-ups to detail/explain the particular task that is to be performed.
  • Correct & Incorrect message at the end of task to notify the user on the right procedure.
  • Double-hand usage while performing the process.
  • Other projects with the European collaborator include exploration of components like drill etc.,
  • with multiple views such as X-ray view, Exploded view, Animated view of a particular function, etc