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Radiation safety & Chemical Safety VR

Problem Statement:

A Nuclear Power Plant is a risk-prone facility where without proper safety precautions, a person is exposed to high risks that might be even fatal. Training the employees on the need for protection and educating them on the consequences of unsafe practices is crucial. The challenge was to create safety training that would be everlasting in their memory so that they would never neglect or ignore a safety measure.


Two critical safety training modules were created namely, chemical safety & radiation safety that exposes the trainee to a scenario in which he gets to know the different types of radiation and its harmful effects. It also guides the trainee on the correct procedure that would help him prevent hazardous accidents. The trainees are also given a tour around the facility explaining the importance of each zone and what the zone signifies.

The user will be educated on the types of chemicals, the significance of labeling, and do’s and don’ts while handling the chemicals. Further, the trainee will be evaluated on his activities within a given laboratory scenario with random unsafe elements and how he corrects them.