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Reimagine digital experiences with madrasmindworks. Our expertise in metaverse content creation and extended reality makes businesses create transformative experiences. We help clients unleash the immense potential of customer engagement & brand loyalty through technology and immersive experience design.

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MindWoX - The Metaverse of enterprise training solutions

The pandemic surged a critical communication problem in every industry (i.e) marketing, education etc. which warranted interactions for progress. The main concern is to connect and collaborate from remote locations and conveying the message in the exact context had become a challenge, as it affected the organizational workflow and resulted in miscommunication. 


CricketR, the virtual reality cricket game, brings you closer to the game than ever before. Get the goggles up and flex your muscles for a more immersive first-person cricket gaming experience.

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DriVRS is a “NextGen ForklSimulatortors for Industry 4.0”.It is the first fully immersive driving simulator that enhances your training effectiveness and efficiency


Duet VR aims at giving unique experiences on your special day of Love and to capture your best moments for a lifetime. You can visit and re-visit your wedding after decades and even give an opportunity for your future generations to take part in your grand celebration.

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Madras Mindworks offers the most innovative and Personalized Virtual Reality solutions with Interactive 3D Content and immersive digital Experience for Industry 4.0.




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