Making training safer & smarter with our fully immersive simulator line.


  • Customize your environments based on your factory layout or warehouse which the person has to familiarize herself with before entering the real work floor.
  • 3D life-size Customization of the types of loads and the amount of load the person needs to handle in the real world.
  • Based on the type of forklift used at your organization, customize the vehicle with its actual controls and mechanics for better knowledge and understanding.


Be the star and play your favorite game for real from wherever you are.

The Virtual Reality Cricket Game is a dream come true for every person who wishes to play in a cricket stadium, being a star cricketer. Enjoy the game as the crowd screaming and cheerleaders dancing for your best shots. Practice nets: “Never give up; just absolutely never give up.” – Shane Warne. With CricketR practice nets, you can now play your most difficult shots again and again till you perfect them. Choose your bowling pace and technique to try the strokes that would give you your winning shot.

Cricketr Vr
MindWox Meet


When everything is DIY, why not technology? Create your own XR solutions in just a few clicks. 

MindWoX is a visualization platform that uplifts your teleconferencing experience to the next level with augmented & virtual reality features that lets you create, connect and communicate from any device in hand.