The 360 VR experience allows you to immerse yourself and look around in the content. This unique attribute opens a new world of interactive possibilities. Taking a virtual tour of a place before visiting or investing in it can be the perfect solution to blind expenditure. Whether it is virtually touring the streets of Paris or taking a tour of a house and its architecture before you decide to buy it, virtual tours help immensely in resolving many concerns that rise with uncertainty. This feature is extremely useful when decisions are to be made for institutions or places far away from one’s residency. The 360 virtual tours have also been the preferred choice for medical tourism and the hospitality industry, as clients prefer taking a small trip before they invest, resulting in brand loyalty and customer retention.

Virtual Reality

SKILL Simulators

“Its play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. Its play that helps us do serious things better because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievements.” Skill development with virtual reality will make training an exciting experience, and as a result, will also improve the employee’s skills faster. This has been a proven way for improving a person’s productivity and knowledge, as knowledge in the form of sensory experience registers in the mind of the person firmly. Also, we can always get the analytics of how the person has performed and the results will help in improving their individual skills.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Safety Training

The training proves to be the key ingredient in handling any disaster. Mishaps don’t happen due to accidents, they happen due to negligence. Keeping the work-force aware of the circumstances and teaching them how to take necessary precautions is a must in the working environment. By exposing the workers to the extreme scenarios through virtual reality and training them about correct safety measures will reduce the fatality rate at the project site/premises.

Virtual Reality

Product Configurator

A product configurator is a virtual experience that lets a customer take a detailed look at your product. This will make the customer understand your product better and increase, his desire to invest in it with the aid of demo experiences. While normal video offers information, VR offers experience and gathers more information. A few aspects would be what the customers view for a longer duration, his curiosity points, his most desired interaction points, etc. are all stored as information. This gives way to business intelligence or what you call, Data analytics.

Augmented Reality

Design Demonstrations

“Design is intelligence made visible.”
Imagine adding technological intelligence to your design, the output would be mind-boggling. The client experiences your design through complete immersion and lives their dream project even before it comes to life. With added customization, you can reduce the amount of re-work during the execution of the project.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Marketing

Ever since the e-commerce boom, marketing has taken a tech route from its traditional path. Everything is now at your finger-tips, and customers have started looking for new and exciting promotions. When it comes to product promotions, unique and efficient is what catches the eye.

Augmented marketing is a unique way of marketing your product through the technology of augmented reality. AR enables us to fabricate content that can open the doors to novel forms of expression, entertainment, productivity, and commerce. And while the reality may be augmented, the emotions these experiences bring to life are undeniably real.

Augmented Reality


AR edification is a visual treat to the entire student community. It is about breaking the complex concepts of education into a simpler and easier-grasping format through visualization.
Creating such entertaining informative modules with the technology of augmented reality brings your class books alive and helps you understand concepts with clarity. Through technology, we build and influence the making of a sharper, more equitable and more enlightened society.