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JOb Description

Position: Trainer

No of Positions required: 2

Yrs of Exp: 1 yr to 3 yrs

Qualification: Relevant qualification with Training Experience

Expected Skills: Presentation, communication, time management.

Technical Skills: AR/VR


  • Create training programs and materials that cover the fundamentals and advanced concepts of AR and VR technologies. 
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of AR and VR hardware and software systems, including devices like VR headsets, AR glasses, and related development tools and platforms.
  • The trainer may be responsible for creating AR and VR content or simulations to be used during training sessions. This could involve 3D modeling, coding, and content creation using relevant software.
  • Proficiency in relevant programming languages (e.g., C#, Unity, Unreal Engine) to teach the development of AR and VR applications.
  • Assist trainees in problem-solving and addressing technical issues related to AR and VR systems and applications.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in AR and VR technology and incorporate them into training programs to ensure relevancy.
  • Assess trainee performance, provide feedback, and make adjustments to training materials and methods as necessary to improve the learning experience.
  • Maintain records of training materials, attendance, and progress reports. This may also include creating and updating training manuals.
  • Work closely with instructional designers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to develop and deliver effective AR and VR training programs.

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